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Electrical Installations

Electrical Installations of any type and size in Low, Medium and High Voltage.


Industrial Installations
Dining/Entertainment Establishments
Hotel/Resort Establishments
Commercial Stores
Residential Installations
Public Establishments

Energy Saving

Cutting-edge Solutions for Energy Saving, Economy & Environment Care.


Renewable Energy Sources
Photovoltaic Panels
Wind Turbines
LED Lighting
Energy Building Improvement

Network - Security Systems

Installations of Security, Network & Communication Systems.

Network - Security Systems

Security Systems
(Alarm, CCTV, Access Control)
Fire Protection
Structured Wiring
Sound Installations

Call centers

Smart Home & Automation

Smart Solutions for Home and Building Automation. Fully-controlable, safe, energy economic.

Smart Home & Automation (KNX/BMS)

Home & Building Automation
Security & Fire-protection Systems
Lighting, heating, cooling Control
Quality of Life Enhancing
Industrial Automation (PLC)

Electrical PPC Certificate

Electrical Installations PPC certificate for Residential and Commercial Establishments.

Electrical PPC Certificate

Report of Good Performance
Floor Plan of Installation
One-line diagram of Electrical Panel
Installation of Residual Current Device (RCD)
Electrical Installation PPC Certificate

Electrical Installation Repairs

Repairs on Electrical & Network Installations.

Electrical Installation Repairs

Electrical Installation Repairs
Network/Internet cabling Repairs
Electric Ovens Installation
Extentions on existing Cablings